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Recovery after optic neuritis in childhood.
  1. A Kriss,
  2. D A Francis,
  3. F Cuendet,
  4. A M Halliday,
  5. D S Taylor,
  6. J Wilson,
  7. J Keast-Butler,
  8. J R Batchelor,
  9. W I McDonald
  1. Hospital for Sick Children, London, UK.


    Thirty-nine children who presented with optic neuritis in childhood were reviewed after a follow up period from 3 months to 29 years (mean 8.8 years). At follow-up, 30 out of 39 (77%) of the children had had no further episodes and in three (8%) there was recurrence of optic neuritis alone. Multiple sclerosis had developed in six patients (15%), a much lower frequency than after optic neuritis in adult life. Regardless of the initial degree of visual impairment or neurological outcome, the visual prognosis was excellent. Pattern evoked potentials at follow-up were much more frequently normal (55%) than in adults (10%) after optic neuritis.

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