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The neurological, psychosocial and demographic correlates of hypergraphia in patients with epilepsy.
  1. B P Hermann,
  2. S Whitman,
  3. A R Wyler,
  4. E T Richey,
  5. J Dell
  1. Regional Epilepsy Center, Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, TN 38146.


    The multiaetiological determinants and correlates of interictal hypergraphia in patients with epilepsy were studied. A variety of neurological, psychosocial and demographic variables were examined in order to determine their relationship to experimental and clinically derived measures of hypergraphia in a sample of 50 patients with epilepsy. The results indicate that hypergraphia is of multifactorial origin in general, with especially strong relationships with measures of psychopathology. These results are related to the larger literature concerned with interictal behavioural change in patients with epilepsy.

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