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Stability of CT scan findings in schizophrenia: results of an 8 year follow-up study.
  1. B P Illowsky,
  2. D M Juliano,
  3. L B Bigelow,
  4. D R Weinberger
  1. Clinical Brain Disorders Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Washington, DC 20032.


    Earlier cross-sectional studies have suggested that CT findings of ventricular enlargement and increased cortical markings in schizophrenic patients are not progressive, but individual patients have rarely been followed prospectively. Fifteen patients with chronic schizophrenia were rescanned on the same model machine after 7 to 9 years of continuous illness and, in seven cases, of continuous hospitalisation. It was not possible to demonstrate significant changes in either ventricular-brain ratio or frontal atrophy scores. These results suggest that the pathologic process responsible for CT changes in schizophrenia is static and is not affected by 8 years of neuroleptic medication and institutionalisation.

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