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The frequency, characteristics and prognosis of epileptic seizures at the onset of stroke.
  1. R A Shinton,
  2. J S Gill,
  3. S C Melnick,
  4. A K Gupta,
  5. D G Beevers
  1. University Department of Medicine, Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham, UK.


    In a series of 230 patients admitted to hospital with a stroke, the frequency and significance of epileptic seizures at onset was assessed. Thirteen (5.7%) suffered single or multiple witnessed seizures at the onset of their stroke. Seizures were evenly distributed among all pathological stroke sub-types but were restricted to lesions in the carotid artery territory. They indicated a poorer prognosis over the first 2 days. Six of the 13 presenting with stroke and seizures had prior seizures and, if they survived, continued to have fits. The five patients surviving with stroke and a first seizure were all fit-free after 30 months follow-up.

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