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Estimation of the number of motor units based on macro-EMG.
  1. P de Koning,
  2. G H Wieneke,
  3. D van der Most van Spijk,
  4. A C van Huffelen,
  5. W H Gispen,
  6. F G Jennekens
  1. Division of Molecular Neurobiology, Rudolf Magnus Institute for Pharmacology, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


    The technique of the macro-EMG was used to estimate the number of motor units in the tibialis anterior muscles of healthy subjects in a wide range of ages, and of patients with myasthenia gravis and patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or spinal muscular atrophy. The results obtained suggest a decrease in the number of motor units in the tibialis anterior muscle with increasing age in normal subjects. In myasthenic patients the motor unit count was within the normal range for their age group. Patients with motor neuron disorders on the average had a very low number of motor units.

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