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Reye-like syndrome following treatment with the pantothenic acid antagonist, calcium hopantenate.
  1. S Noda,
  2. H Umezaki,
  3. K Yamamoto,
  4. T Araki,
  5. T Murakami,
  6. N Ishii
  1. Department of Neurology, Kyushukoseinenkin Hospital, Kitakyushu, Japan.


    Three senile patients developed fatal acute encephalopathy while receiving calcium hopantenate. The clinical, biochemical, and pathological picture was similar to Reye's syndrome. Calcium hopantenate is a pantothenic acid antagonist. The serum levels of calcium hopantenate were high in coma, and that of pantothenic acid examined in one patient was lowered. Evidence obtained indicated that the Reye-like syndrome might be caused by calcium hopantenate possibly due to the induction of pantothenic acid deficiency.

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