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Acute haemorrhagic leucoencephalitis with a prolonged clinical course.
  1. C C Huang,
  2. N S Chu,
  3. T J Chen,
  4. C M Shaw
  1. Department of Neurology, Chang Gung Medical College, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.


    Two cases of pathologically proven acute haemorrhagic leucoencephalitis with clinical features resembling a cerebral tumour are reported. One patient with a left fronto-parieto-temporal mass showed progressive neurological deterioration leading to death in 3 months. Another patient with a right parieto-temporal mass had mild neurological symptoms for one and a half months before complete recovery except for a seizure disorder, following steroid and decompressive therapy. The cases show that acute haemorrhagic leucoencephalitis may not always be rapidly fatal, but may run a prolonged clinical course with recovery.

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