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Immunocytochemical demonstration of human immunodeficiency virus infected cells in the cerebrospinal fluid.
  1. E Stark,
  2. J Haas,
  3. J P Malin,
  4. U Brunkhorst
  1. Neurological Clinic, Hannover Medical School, Federal Republic of Germany.


    Although involvement of the central nervous system represents one of the most common manifestations of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), a standard diagnostic test for this condition has not yet been established. At necropsy human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has been demonstrated in brain macrophages in such patients. HIV antigen was detected in CSF macrophages by immunocytochemistry in six out of 11 HIV infected patients. In addition to the detection of intrathecal synthesis of anti-HIV antibodies this method may be suitable for early diagnosis of CNS involvement in AIDS patients.

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