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Limb pain in migraine and cluster headache.
  1. R J Guiloff,
  2. M Fruns
  1. Department of Neurology, Westminster Hospital, London, UK.


    Upper limb pain occurred in close temporal association with attacks of migraine, cluster headache and cluster-migraine in 22 cases. Seven had also lower limb pain. Limb pain was usually ipsilateral to the headache but could alternate sides and behaved like other accepted migraine accompaniments. It was always ipsilateral to the associated paraesthesiae/numbness (9 cases) and weakness (6 cases). The distribution and restricted localisations of limb pain were similar to those of the sensory symptoms and could not be accounted for by primary dysfunction of the peripheral or autonomic nervous systems. A central origin for limb pain is postulated. A temporary dysfunction in the somatosensory cortex, and/or its thalamic connections, during migraine or cluster headache attacks, might mediate such pain in a number of patients.

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