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The temporal sequence of aura-sensations in patients with complex focal seizures with particular attention to ictal aphasia.
  1. K Kanemoto,
  2. D Janz
  1. Department of Neurology, University Hospital Rudolf-Virchow, Free University of Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany.


    The sequences of aura sensations in 143 patients with complex partial seizures, were analysed with special emphasis on aphasic symptoms. Anxiety, epigastric sensation and visual hallucination were experienced early in the course of the aura, while illusion of familiarity and aphasia occurred late in the course of the aura. Three groups of interconnections of aura sensations were found which corresponded possibly to the types of seizure constellations proposed by Weiser. Close interconnections between impairment of verbal comprehension during seizures and paroxysmal thought disorder, as well as between paroxysmal paraphasia and illusion of familiarity were noted. Paroxysmal aphasia in patients with complex partial seizures was characterised as a positive symptom in contrast to stable aphasia.

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