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Effect of the knee-chest position on cerebral blood flow in patients undergoing lumbar spinal surgery.
  1. J F Pittet,
  2. A Ramadan,
  3. D R Morel,
  4. A Forster
  1. Department of Anaesthesiology, University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland.


    The cerebral haemodynamic effect of the knee-chest position was evaluated in 15 anaesthetised patients undergoing elective lumbar disc surgery and divided into a control group (n = 8) where cerebral blood flow (CBF) was measured twice in the supine position and an experimental group (n = 7) where the first CBF was measured in the supine position and the second in the knee-chest position. CBF was measured by a modified intravenous 133xenon washout technique. Mean global CBF did not change in control group (56.1, SD 9.2 versus 52.8, SD 10.8 units) and was not significantly modified by the knee-chest posture, 51.8, SD 8.8 units versus 53.9, SD 7.4 units in the supine position. The results indicate that mean global CBF in the knee-chest position is not different from CBF in the supine position in healthy patients.

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