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Visual contrast sensitivity in drug-induced Parkinsonism.
  1. C Bulens,
  2. J D Meerwaldt,
  3. G J van der Wildt,
  4. C J Keemink
  1. Department of Neurology, Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


    The influence of stimulus orientation on contrast sensitivity function was studied in 10 patients with drug-induced Parkinsonism. Nine of the 10 patients had at least one eye with contrast sensitivity deficit for vertical and/or horizontal stimuli. Only generalised contrast sensitivity loss, observed in two eyes, was stimulus orientation independent. All spatial frequency-selective contrast deficits in 15 eyes were orientation dependent. The striking similarity between the pattern of contrast sensitivity loss in drug-induced Parkinsonism and that in idiopathic Parkinson's disease, suggests that generalised dopaminergic deficiency, from whatever cause, affects visual function in an analogous way.

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