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Lessons for neurologists from the United Kingdom Third National Morbidity Survey.
  1. A Hopkins
  1. Research Unit, Royal College of Physicians, London, UK.


    The Third National Morbidity Survey lists data about the primary care consultations for more than 300,000 person-years at risk. Data of interest to neurologists have been extracted from the complex tables of the Survey, many of which are on micro-fiche. Assuming that any one subject has only one neurological symptom, 9.5% of the population will consult their general practitioner about a neurological symptom each year. The five most common groups of disorders for which advice is sought are headache/migraine, dizziness, syndromes related to the cervical or lumbar spine, faints or fits, and symptoms due to cerebrovascular disease. About 7% of all patients seen with neurological symptoms are referred to hospital clinics for further advice.

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