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An investigation of factors affecting progress of patients on a stroke unit.
  1. N B Lincoln,
  2. M Blackburn,
  3. S Ellis,
  4. J Jackson,
  5. J A Edmans,
  6. F M Nouri,
  7. M F Walrer,
  8. H Haworth
  1. Stroke Unit, General Hospital, Nottingham, UK.


    The aim of the study was to identify factors affecting the progress in physical abilities and activities of daily living of patients admitted to a stroke unit. A series of 70 patients admitted consecutively were assessed on a series of tests of motor, functional and cognitive abilities at admission. They were assessed for level of motor abilities and activities of daily living at discharge and 9 months after stroke. Predictive equations were developed which account for between 61% and 33% of the variance in motor abilities and activities of daily living at discharge and at 9 months after stroke. The most important factor influencing outcome was the degree of motor loss.

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