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Do leukocytes have a role in the cerebral no-reflow phenomenon?
  1. B S Aspey,
  2. C Jessimer,
  3. S Pereira,
  4. M J Harrison
  1. Department of Neurological Studies, University College, London, UK.


    The possible role of leukocytes in the cerebral microcirculation following ischaemia was assessed in the gerbil. The no-reflow phenomenon seen after 30 minutes of severe bilateral hemispheric ischaemia during hypotensive reperfusion was compared in control animals and in a group made leukopenic by pretreatment with cyclophosphamide. Neither the incidence nor the severity of the no-reflow phenomenon differed between the two groups. The evidence from this study casts doubt on the hypothesis that leukocyte plugging plays a major role in the cerebral microcirculation's response to ischaemia.

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