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Peripheral neuropathy associated with mycosis fungoides.
  1. M Comola,
  2. R Nemni,
  3. G Comi,
  4. M Corbo,
  5. G Taccagni,
  6. C Besana,
  7. N Canal
  1. Department of Neurology, University of Milan, Italy.


    A 56 year old man with acute sensory-motor polyneuropathy associated with mycosis fungoides is described. EMG studies showed diffuse signs of muscle denervation. A skin biopsy specimen showed a lymphocyte infiltration in the dermis, composed of mycosis cells characterised by deep invaginations of the nuclear membrane, and small Pautrier's microabscesses in the epidermis. Sural nerve biopsy revealed endoneurial fibrosis, a decreased number of myelinated fibres and acute axonal degeneration.

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