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Randomised double blind controlled trial of cyclosporin in multiple sclerosis.
  1. P Rudge,
  2. J C Koetsier,
  3. J Mertin,
  4. J O Mispelblom Beyer,
  5. H K Van Walbeek,
  6. R Clifford Jones,
  7. J Harrison,
  8. K Robinson,
  9. B Mellein,
  10. T Poole
  1. National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, London, UK.


    In a 2 year double blind controlled trial of cyclosporin against placebo in multiple sclerosis conducted at two centres there was a beneficial effect of the therapy upon the progression of the disease, relapse rate and relapse severity at one of the centres where the patients received a mean dose of 7.2 mg/kg/day. This beneficial effect was not seen in the other centre where a lower dose (mean 5 mg/kg/day) was given. Reduction in clinical progression was accompanied by decreased IgG synthesis in the central nervous system. Side effects included hypertension, renal insufficiency and anaemia and were of such severity to preclude the use of cyclosporin in a high enough dose to alter the course of the disease.

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