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Intrathecal baclofen and the H-reflex.
  1. R A Macdonell,
  2. A Talalla,
  3. M Swash,
  4. D Grundy
  1. Department of Neurology, London Hospital, United Kingdom.


    Baclofen was given intrathecally to six patients with severe lower limb spasticity due to traumatic spinal cord injury. The effects of the drug on spasticity and the ratio between the maximum amplitude of the H reflex and the M response from the soleus (Hmax/Mmax ratio) were assessed. In each patient, spasticity was reduced following intrathecal baclofen and in four patients there was a reduction in the amplitude of the H reflex and Hmax/Mmax ratio. These results suggest that the Hmax/Mmax ratio may be helpful in establishing optimum drug dosage, particularly when the drug is used on a chronic basis.

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