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Mesolimbocortical dementia: clinico-pathological studies on two cases.
  1. M A Verity,
  2. B Roitberg,
  3. J J Kepes
  1. Department of Pathology, UCLA Medical Center, 90024-1732.


    The clinicopathological findings are presented of two cases of mesolimbocortical dementia. Both cases were characterised by late onset slowly progressive personality changes and progressive intellectual deterioration without clinical Parkinsonism. Neuropathological findings revealed non-specific neuronal degeneration, Holzer and GFAP positive gliosis primarily affecting the limbic system, caudate, thalamus and substantia nigra. The pathological findings coincide with the distribution of the non-striatal dopaminergic pathways and suggest an intrinsic involvement of these pathways to account for the clinical and pathological manifestations.

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