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Human quadriceps strength and fatiguability in patients with post viral fatigue.
  1. O M Rutherford,
  2. P D White
  1. Department of Medicine, University College, London, UK.


    Quadriceps isometric strength, activation and fatiguability were measured in 11 patients with symptoms of fatigue three months after glandular fever or a glandular fever-like illness. Predicted normal and lower limits of normal muscle strength were calculated from height and age. These measures and the fatigue index were compared with a group of healthy students of similar age. Two of the patients were unable to activate fully their muscles. After allowing for this inhibition the group mean (SD) strength was 104 (22%) of predicted. Although there was no significant difference in the fatigue index between the patients and the control group, there was a trend for the patients to show less fatigue than controls. There was no difference in the muscle results for those patients who were found to have Epstein-Barr virus infections and those who did not. The feelings of weakness and fatigue experienced by the patients could not be explained by either physiological muscle fatigue or lack of effort.

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