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Spontaneous haematomyelia: a necropsy study.
  1. R W Leech,
  2. J V Pitha,
  3. R A Brumback
  1. Department of Pathology, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Oklahoma City 73190.


    Spontaneous haematomyelia (intramedullary spinal haematoma), is an uncommon event. Predisposing conditions have been reported including syringomyelia, pregnancy and delivery, angioma, spinal artery aneurysm, and haemophilia, but only rarely has a pathological evaluation been performed. Two such cases studied at necropsy are reported. In one case, the haematoma was restricted to the cervical spinal cord, while in the second case it extended from the medulla into the lowest thoracic cord segments. In both cases the haematomyelia was fatal. In the first case the clinical course was subacute, but in the other the course was more acute. Careful neuropathological examination showed no apparent cause for the haemorrhages.

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