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Carcinomatous meningitis: antibody-guided therapy with I-131 HMFG1.
  1. R P Moseley,
  2. J C Benjamin,
  3. R D Ashpole,
  4. N M Sullivan,
  5. J A Bullimore,
  6. H B Coakham,
  7. J T Kemshead
  1. Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK.


    Seven patients with carcinomatous meningitis were administered intrathecal I-131 labelled monoclonal antibody HMFG1. Clinical responses were seen in two patients, with a long term survivor at 32 months. Aseptic meningitis occurred in 4/7 patients, but more serious toxicity was observed in the form of seizures (2/7 patients) and myelosuppression (3/7 patients). Partial obliteration of the subarachnoid space was identified as a potential problem in patients with advanced disease.

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