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Destructive lesions in demyelinating disease.
  1. B D Youl,
  2. A G Kermode,
  3. A J Thompson,
  4. T Révész,
  5. F Scaravilli,
  6. R O Barnard,
  7. F J Kirkham,
  8. B E Kendall,
  9. D Kingsley,
  10. I F Moseley
  1. Multiple Sclerosis NMR Research Group, Institute of Neurology, London, UK.


    Three cases are presented in which clinical and radiological features suggested the diagnosis of glioma but surgical biopsy revealed a demyelinating process, with tissue destruction and cyst formation in two. One patient had clinically definite multiple sclerosis. Two had probable acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. Treatment with high dose steroids is appropriate when there is clinical or investigative evidence to suggest the presence of demyelinating disease, before deciding on biopsy.

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