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The assessment of visuo-spatial neglect after acute stroke.
  1. S P Stone,
  2. B Wilson,
  3. A Wroot,
  4. P W Halligan,
  5. L S Lange,
  6. J C Marshall,
  7. R J Greenwood
  1. Department of Neurosciences, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London.


    Forty four consecutive patients with acute hemispheric stroke and forty seven elderly controls with no neurological disease were assessed for visuo-spatial neglect, using a modified neglect test battery. Neglect was found to be equally common in patients with right hemisphere and left hemisphere stroke three days after stroke (72% versus 62%). It was more severe in those with a right hemisphere stroke and resolved more frequently in those with a left hemisphere stroke. The battery was validated against an occupational therapist's assessment of neglect on self-care tasks. The inter-observer reliability was good and it was possible to monitor changes over time with the battery.

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