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Neurosarcoidosis--demonstration of meningeal disease by gadolinium enhanced magnetic resonance imaging.
  1. K T Khaw,
  2. H Manji,
  3. J Britton,
  4. F Schon
  1. Department of Neuroradiology, Atkinson Morley's Hospital, London, UK.


    Arriving at a firm diagnosis of neurosarcoidosis continues to pose serious problems, particularly when evidence of granulomatous disease outside the nervous system is lacking. The commonest mode of presentation of neurosarcoidosis is with cranial nerve palsies. Two cases of presumed neurosarcoidosis with cranial nerve palsies showed clear evidence of focal meningeal disease on gadolinium-DTPA enhanced MRI brain scans. Although not specific for sarcoidosis, this technique may be very useful in aiding the diagnosis in suspected cases.

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