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Anterograde amnesia with fornix damage following removal of IIIrd ventricle colloid cyst.
  1. J R Hodges,
  2. K Carpenter
  1. University of Cambridge Clinical School, UK.


    Two patients developed anterograde amnesia following the apparently uncomplicated transcallosal-transventricular removal of a colloid cyst. Damage to the fornical columns was demonstrated on CT and MRI scans, whilst other memory related structures were entirely normal. Longitudinal neuropsychological evaluation, over 12-24 months, has revealed a very similar pattern of deficit in the two cases: verbal memory has remained persistently impaired whilst nonverbal anterograde memory has improved to some degree. Formal tests of remote public (famous faces and events) and personal autobiographical memory have supported the clinical impression that neither patient has a temporally extensive retrograde amnesia. These findings address the role of the fornix, and the dissociation of memory processes in humans.

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