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Clinical and CT correlates in the diagnosis of intracranial tumours.
  1. K A Sotaniemi,
  2. M Rantala,
  3. J Pyhtinen,
  4. V V Myllylä
  1. Department of Neurology, University of Oulu, Finland.


    The correlation between clinical and CT findings in cerebral tumours was prospectively studied in 1191 consecutive referrals for cerebral CT. CT revealed a mass lesion in 51 cases (4.3%): 32 neoplasms, five haematomas and one abscess. The diagnostic specificity of CT for neoplasmic tumours was 86% (32 of 37). The clinical suspicion of a cerebral neoplasm was correct in 25 cases (78%) and the clinical localisatory hypothesis was correct in 20 cases (63%) of the neoplasms. A cerebral tumour was found in 5% (11 out of 226) of patients investigated for their first seizure and in 1% (two of 207) investigated for headache without clinical signs.

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