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Visual field defects in vascular lesions of the lateral geniculate body.
  1. C Luco,
  2. A Hoppe,
  3. M Schweitzer,
  4. X Vicuña,
  5. A Fantin
  1. Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago.


    Corresponding retinal nerve fibres begin their path in the eyes and end in a single visual cortical cell. Because of this arrangement, lesions in the anterior visual pathway produce incongruent visual field defects and in the posterior pathway congruent field defects. The lateral geniculate body is on the anterior third of the visual pathway. A lesion of this nucleus produces moderately to completely congruent visual field defects. Five patients with ischaemic lesions of the lateral geniculate body are reported. Two patients had a wedge-shaped homonymous hemianopia, two other cases had congruent superior homonymous quadratic defects and the fifth a quadruple sector defect. The lateral geniculate body has a dual blood supply from the anterior choroidal artery (branch from internal carotid artery) and from the lateral choroidal artery (branch from the posterior cerebral artery). A schematic diagram has been devised which shows that a knowledge of the visual field disrupted can identify the arterial system involved.

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