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Cerebral cavernous angioma: a potentially benign condition? Successful treatment in 16 cases.
  1. A Churchyard,
  2. M Khangure,
  3. K Grainger
  1. Department of Neurology, Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, Nedlands, Western Australia.


    Cerebral cavernous angioma (cavernoma) has previously been treated by resection for all presentations when surgically resectable. In this retrospective series of 16 cases, it is demonstrated that, for those patients presenting with epilepsy alone, surgery is often unnecessary. Diagnosis can be made radiologically and excellent seizure control can be obtained with medications. In the authors' experience, those cavernomas symptomatic as epilepsy rarely cause major haemorrhage and the need for surgery as prophylaxis against bleeding in this group is unproven.

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