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Familial intracranial haemorrhage due to factor V deficiency.
  1. R S Wadia,
  2. S A Sangle,
  3. S Kripalaney,
  4. M Bafna,
  5. S R Karve
  1. Department of Neurology and Pathology, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, India.


    Strokes may occur with a large number of genetic disorders. Natowicz and Kelley have reviewed the single gene disorders capable of causing familial haemorrhagic strokes. These may be classified into four groups: a) hereditary disorders affecting clotting factors or platelets; b) hereditary disease producing vascular anomaly; c) hereditary disease causing hypertension and d) miscellaneous group including neurofibromatosis, sickle cell disease and tuberous sclerosis.

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