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Spasticity and white matter abnormalities in adult phenylketonuria.
  1. P A McCombe,
  2. D B McLaughlin,
  3. J B Chalk,
  4. N N Brown,
  5. J J McGill,
  6. M P Pender
  1. Department of Medicine, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.


    A 19 year old male with phenylketonuria (PKU) developed a spastic paparesis 8 months after stopping his restricted phenylalanine diet. CT and MRI showed abnormalities of the deep cerebral white matter, and visual evoked response latencies were prolonged. The spasticity gradually improved over several months after resuming the PKU diet. A repeat MRI scan was unchanged. His brother also had PKU and ceased dietary restrictions, but his only neurological abnormality was a slight increase in the deep tendon reflexes of the lower limbs. CT and MRI of his brain was normal. DNA analysis showed that both brothers were homozygous for the same PKU mutation. These patients demonstrate that reversible neurological signs may develop in patients with classic PKU after ceasing dietary restrictions and that these may be associated with abnormalities seen on neuro-imaging.

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