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Assessment of quality of life in patients treated for low-grade glioma: a preliminary report.
  1. M J Taphoorn,
  2. J J Heimans,
  3. F J Snoek,
  4. J Lindeboom,
  5. B Oosterink,
  6. J G Wolbers,
  7. A B Karim
  1. Department of Neurology, Free University Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


    In this pilot study quality of life was assessed in fourteen adult patients who were treated for a low-grade glioma with surgery and radiotherapy at least one year previously. Apart from widely used parameters, such as the neurological and functional status, the patients' cognitive functioning and actual affective status were determined. In addition the patients were interviewed to evaluate various aspects of quality of life. Generally no serious focal neurological deficits were found, although psychological examination showed serious cognitive and affective disturbances in most cases. Self report measures concerning cognitive functioning were not in all cases in accordance with objective test results. When the results of treatment in glioma patients are evaluated assessment of quality of life, including neuropsychological functioning, should be performed, especially as new therapeutic strategies are being developed.

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