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Progressive anarthria with secondary parkinsonism: a clinico-pathological case report.
  1. E Broussolle,
  2. M Tommasi,
  3. F Mauguière,
  4. G Chazot
  1. Neurometabolic Unit, Antiquaille Hospital, Lyon, France.


    The pathological process and lesion topography in patients with the syndrome of progressive aphasia are heterogeneous and few necropsy examination cases have been investigated. This is a case report of a 53 year old right handed man with progressive anarthria and secondary Parkinsonism over a period of six years. Positron emission tomography (PET) showed a decreased cerebral blood flow and metabolism in the frontal cortex, which was more pronounced on the left. Neuropathology disclosed a spongiform vacuolation in layer II of the frontal cortex, mostly in the Broca area, and neuronal loss in the substantia nigra. This original case reinforces the view that there are different entities of the syndrome of progressive aphasia which can be identified on the basis of clinical, neuroimaging and anatomical data.

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