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Acute sensory and autonomic neuropathy: possible association with coxsackie B virus infection.
  1. G Pavesi,
  2. F Gemignani,
  3. G M Macaluso,
  4. P Ventrua,
  5. G Magnani,
  6. A Fiocchi,
  7. D Medici,
  8. A Marbini,
  9. D Mancia
  1. Institute of Neurology, University of Parma, Italy.


    This report describes a 26 year old woman with a Coxsackie B virus infection complicated by an acute pandysautonomic and sensory neuropathy. Electrophysiological studies suggested an axonal neuropathy. A sural nerve biopsy performed early in the disease showed axonal degeneration with a virtual absence of unmyelinated fibres and moderate loss of myelinated fibres, mainly affecting the small fibres; this differs from previous reports. An immune-mediated or direct virus action might explain the pathogenesis of this unusual evolution of a viral infection.

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