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EDMUS, a European database for multiple sclerosis.
  1. C Confavreux,
  2. D A Compston,
  3. O R Hommes,
  4. W I McDonald,
  5. A J Thompson
  1. Clinique de Neurologie, Hôpital Neurologique, Lyon, France.


    EDMUS is a minimal descriptive record developed for research purposes to document clinical and laboratory data in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). It has been designed by a committee of the European Concerted Action for MS, organised under the auspices of the Commission of the European Communities. The software is user-friendly and fast, with a minimal set of obligatory data. Priority has been given to analytical data and the system is capable of automatically generating data, such as diagnosis classification, using appropriate algorithms. This procedure saves time, ensures a uniform approach to individual cases and allows automatic updating of the classification whenever additional information becomes available. It is also compatible with future developments and requirements since new algorithms can be entered in the programme when necessary. This system is flexible and may be adapted to the users needs. It is run on Apple and IBM-PC personal microcomputers. Great care has been taken to preserve confidentiality of the data. It is anticipated that this "common" language will enable the collection of appropriate cases for specific purposes, including population-based studies of MS and will be particularly useful in projects where the collaboration of several centres is needed to recruit a critical number of patients.

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