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Spatiomotor cueing in unilateral left neglect: three case studies of its therapeutic effects.
  1. I H Robertson,
  2. N T North,
  3. C Geggie
  1. MRC Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge.


    Limb activation contralateral to a cerebral lesion seems to reduce visual neglect, though whether this is due to perceptual cueing or hemispheric activation is controversial. Three case studies are presented which attempt to use this experimental finding therapeutically in the rehabilitation of unilateral left neglect. The first study used a combination of perceptual anchoring training with left arm activation procedures and produced improvements. The second used the same method, but stimulated left arm activation using an avoidance conditioning procedure, again with positive results. The third case treatment focused on cueing for left arm activation without explicit instructions for perceptual anchoring, with positive results.

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