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Parkinson's disease: the spectrum of disabilities.
  1. B Pentland,
  2. M P Barnes,
  3. L J Findley,
  4. M Oxtoby,
  5. V R Pearce,
  6. N P Quinn,
  7. S Scott
  1. Astley Ainslie Hospital, Edinburgh.


    The needs of people with Parkinson's disease (PD) go beyond the purely medical domain and often require collaborative management. A Panel Discussion at the "Hither neurology" Symposium included neurologists, a speech therapist, a geriatrician and a sociologist. Their discussion highlighted certain aspects of the disability and disadvantage associated with PD. The starting point was a video recording, "Parkinson's Disease: the personal view", in which the contributors were patients and carers. Topics covered included counselling at the time of diagnosis; subsequent access to clinics and to neurological advice; access to therapy; support in the community; fluctuating disability associated with "on-off" phenomena; driving; and sexual problems.

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