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Apomorphine in treatment of Parkinson's disease: comparison between subcutaneous and sublingual routes.
  1. D Deffond,
  2. F Durif,
  3. M Tournilhac
  1. Clinique Neurologique, Hôpital Fontmaure, Chamalieres, France.


    The efficacy of two routes of apomorphine, subcutaneous (SC) and sublingual (SL), successively administered in 7 Parkinsonian patients with motor fluctuations, was compared in reducing the daily duration of "off" phases. The mean duration of SC and SL treatment was 7.7 and 6.8 months respectively. The mean time spent in "off" phase was 55% after SC and 68% after SL treatment. The mean time before turning "on" after an "off" period was 14 minutes after SC and 28 minutes after SL treatment. Two patients developed stomatitis after SL route. SL apomorphine may be helpful in the treatment of motor fluctuations in PD.

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