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Unilateral frontal lobectomy can produce strategy application disorder.
  1. L H Goldstein,
  2. S Bernard,
  3. P B Fenwick,
  4. P W Burgess,
  5. J McNeil
  1. Neuropsychiatry Unit, Maudsley Hospital, London.


    Following a 5 cm left frontal lobectomy for the removal of a mixed astrocytoma-oligodendroglioma, a 51 year old right handed man showed a marked dissociation between his performance on standard neuropsychological tests and his everyday behaviour. In contrast to his intact neuropsychological test performance, he was impaired on a test of "strategy application" which requires goal articulation, plan specification, self-monitoring, and evaluation of outcomes, as well as the establishment of mental "markers" to trigger specific behaviour. Strategy application disorder can therefore be produced by a unilateral circumscribed frontal lobe lesions.

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