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Hemianopia, hemianaesthesia, and hemiplegia after right and left hemisphere damage. A hemispheric difference.
  1. R Sterzi,
  2. G Bottini,
  3. M G Celani,
  4. E Righetti,
  5. M Lamassa,
  6. S Ricci,
  7. G Vallar
  1. Ospedale di Niguarda, Departmento di Neurologica, Milan, Italy.


    The incidence of somatosensory, visual half-field and motor deficits contralateral to a hemispheric lesion in a continuous series of 154 left brain damaged and 144 right brain damaged stroke patients were investigated. These contralateral disorders were more frequent after lesions of the right hemisphere. This difference cannot be attributed to a bias in patients' selection. It is suggested that left spatial neglect is the factor underlying this hemispheric difference.

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