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Focal electroencephalographic abnormalities and computerised tomography findings in children with seizures.
  1. J Gibbs,
  2. R E Appleton,
  3. H Carty,
  4. M Beirne,
  5. B A Acomb
  1. Department of Paediatric Neurology, Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital.


    A persistent focal abnormality was observed in 157 (16%) electroencephalograms undertaken in 964 consecutive children with epileptic and non-epileptic seizures seen over one year. CT head scans were performed in 121 (77%) of the 157 children with a focus on the EEG; 26 (21%) showed an abnormality, and 21 (81%) of the abnormalities were localised. There was no difference in the proportion of abnormal scans associated with a delta or slow wave focus compared with a spike or sharp wave focus. An abnormal scan was uncommon after a single seizure. In only two patients (1.7% of all scans) did the findings on CT alter or greatly influence subsequent management.

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