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A clinical study of hypergraphia in epilepsy.
  1. T Okamura,
  2. M Fukai,
  3. A Yamadori,
  4. M Hidari,
  5. H Asaba,
  6. T Sakai
  1. Department of Neuropsychiatry, Osaka Medical College, Japan.


    Fifteen patients with epilepsy and hypergraphia were compared with 32 patients with epilepsy but without hypergraphia. The number of previous psychiatric episodes, the number of Washington Psychosocial Seizure Inventory (WPSI) items indicating emotional maladjustment, and the number of CT scan abnormalities were significantly greater in the hypergraphic patients than in the non-hypergraphic patients. Cognitive performance, EEG laterality and the scores of WPSI items related to the psychological stress of seizures did not differ significantly between the two groups. Hypergraphia reflects changes in emotional responsiveness secondary to organic temporal lobe lesions.

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