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Assessing tremor severity.
  1. P G Bain,
  2. L J Findley,
  3. P Atchison,
  4. M Behari,
  5. M Vidailhet,
  6. M Gresty,
  7. J C Rothwell,
  8. P D Thompson,
  9. C D Marsden
  1. MRC Human Movement and Balance Unit, Institute of Neurology, London, UK.


    A clinical rating scale which measured the severity of tremor in 20 patients (12 with essential tremor and 8 with "dystonic" tremor) was assessed at specific anatomical sites for both inter and intra-rater reliability using four raters. The scores obtained with the scale were compared with the results of upper limb accelerometry, an activity of daily living self-questionnaire and estimates of the tremor induced impairment in writing and drawing specimens. The results show that, for the purposes of routine assessment and therapeutic trials, a clinical rating scale can produce reliable results which are a more valid index of tremor induced disability than standard postural accelerometry.

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