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Precortical dysfunction of spatial and temporal visual processing in migraine.
  1. D M Coleston,
  2. E Chronicle,
  3. K H Ruddock,
  4. C Kennard
  1. Academic Unit of Neuroscience, Charing Cross and Westminister Medical School, London, UK.


    This paper examines spatial and temporal processing in migraineurs (diagnosed according to International Headache Society criteria, 1988), using psychophysical tests that measure spatial and temporal responses. These tests are considered to specifically assess precortical mechanisms. Results suggest precortical dysfunction for processing of spatial and temporal visual stimuli in 11 migraineurs with visual aura and 13 migraineurs without aura; the two groups could not be distinguished. As precortical dysfunction seems to be common to both groups of patients, it is suggested that symptoms that are experienced by both groups, such as blurring of vision and photophobia, may have their basis at a precortical level.

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