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A patient with one limb interstitial myositis with localised lipoatrophy presenting with severe cramps and fasciculations.
  1. A Créange,
  2. J L Renard,
  3. P Millet,
  4. S Boisnic,
  5. D Felten,
  6. D Béquet,
  7. J J Hauw
  1. Clinique de Neurologie, Hôpital du Val de Grâce, Paris, France.


    A case of interstitial myositis associated with a localised lipoatrophy is reported. The patient is a 24 year old man who presented with severe painful cramps and fasciculations localised to one limb. The rarity of both disorders, and their likely common autoimmune mechanism, suggest that this is not a chance association.

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