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Homolateral ataxia and crural paresis: a crossed cerebral-cerebellar diaschisis.
  1. M Giroud,
  2. E Creisson,
  3. H Fayolle,
  4. P Gras,
  5. P Vion,
  6. F Brunotte,
  7. R Dumas
  1. Service de Neurologie, Hôpital Général, Dijon, France.


    A patient developed weakness of the right leg and homolateral ataxia of the arm, caused by a subcortical infarct in the area supplied by the anterior cerebral artery in the left paracentral region, demonstrated by CT and MRI. Cerebral blood flow studied by technetium-labelled hexamethyl-propylene-amine oxime using single photon emission computed tomography showed decreased blood flow in the left lateral frontal cortex and in the right cerebellar hemisphere ("crossed cerebral-cerebellar diaschisis"). The homolateral ataxia of the arm may be caused by decreased function of the right cerebellar hemisphere, because of a lesion of the corticopontine-cerebellar tracts, whereas crural hemiparesis is caused by a lesion of the upper part of the corona radiata.

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