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Infarction of the unilateral posterior horn and lateral column of the spinal cord with sparing of posterior columns: demonstration by MRI.
  1. M Kaneki,
  2. K Inoue,
  3. T Shimizu,
  4. T Mannen
  1. Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, Japan.


    Infarction of the spinal cord, particularly in the distribution of the posterior spinal arteries, is rare. Twenty seven cases of posterior spinal artery syndrome have been reported. In all cases, the posterior columns were affected, and in all but two, the lesions were bilateral. Here a 49-year-old woman is reported, who was affected with lumbar cord infarction in the distribution of the posterior spinal arteries, diagnosed by MRI and clinical presentation. This case is of special interest because of sparing of the posterior columns and the unilateral nature of the lesion, even though the infarction occurred in the distribution of the posterior spinal arteries.

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