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Idiopathic AA amyloidosis manifested by autonomic neuropathy, vestibulocochleopathy, and lattice corneal dystrophy.
  1. I Tsunoda,
  2. H Awano,
  3. H Kayama,
  4. T Tsukamoto,
  5. S Ueno,
  6. T Fujiwara,
  7. M Watanabe,
  8. T Yamamoto
  1. Department of Neurology, Fukushima Medical College, Japan.


    A 69-year-old Japanese woman with non-familial amyloidosis had polyneuropathy and profound autonomic neuropathy, and kappa chain monoclonal gammopathy. Immunohistopathological examination showed protein AA and protein AP in the amyloid deposits. She showed involvement of the vestibulocochlear nerve and lattice dystrophy of the cornea. Vestibulocochleopathy and corneal lattice dystrophy have been reported in familial amyloid polyneuropathy type IV, Finnish type, but never in non-familial amyloidosis.

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