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Antibiotic induced meningitis.
  1. Y River,
  2. L Averbuch-Heller,
  3. M Weinberger,
  4. Z Meiner,
  5. D Mevorach,
  6. I Schlesinger,
  7. Z Argov
  1. Department of Neurology, Hadassah University Hospital, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.


    Three patients with antibiotic induced meningitis, one following penicillin with seven episodes, are reported on--the first well documented description of penicillin induced meningitis. In this patient episodes of headache and nuchal rigidity appeared with and without CSF pleocytosis. Two patients had a total of five episodes of antibiotic induced meningitis after trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole (co-trimoxazole) administration. The features common to all three patients were myalgia, confusion and low CSF glucose. CSF analysis was not a reliable method to differentiate antibiotic induced meningitis from partially treated bacterial meningitis.

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