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Complex partial status epilepticus: a recurrent problem.
  1. O C Cockerell,
  2. M C Walker,
  3. J W Sander,
  4. S D Shorvon
  1. NSE, Chalfont Centre for Epilepsy, Chalfont St Peter, UK.


    Twenty patients with complex partial status epilepticus were identified retrospectively from a specialist neurology hospital. Seventeen patients experienced recurrent episodes of complex partial status epilepticus, often occurring at regular intervals, usually over many years, and while being treated with effective anti-epileptic drugs. No unifying cause for the recurrences, and no common epilepsy aetiologies, were identified. In spite of the frequency of recurrence and length of history, none of the patients showed any marked evidence of cognitive or neurological deterioration. Complex partial status epilepticus is more common than is generally recognised, should be differentiated from other forms of non-convulsive status, and is often difficult to treat.

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